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I would like to make an announcement as of 5/10/14 Jeff Whosoever Metzger is our newest President of FORGIVEN Ministry Car Club Colorado Chapter making it our 7th chapter. Please join with me in welcoming Jeff Whosoever Metzger into the FORGIVEN MINISTRY CAR CLUB Familia Colorado Chapter.

David "Danny" Martinez, Sr.

I'm FORGIVEN - The Soundtrack

It's FINALLY here. The project everyone has been waiting for. Thanks for all the support. We will be making an announcment next week to let you know how you can get copies for your church or ministry to ditribute in your city. Download it here or order a physical thru our paypal.



I would like to make an announcement as of 1/27/14 Fresco Suave is our newest President of FORGIVEN Ministry Car Cclub's Sacramento Chapter making it our 6th chapter. Please join with me in welcoming Fresco Suave into the FORGIVEN MINISTRY CAR CLUB Familia Sacramento Chapter.

David "Danny" Martinez, Sr.


You've been asking for them, well the brand new shirts release on our SUPPORT page. We have lots of colors and size available, so go check those out and grab a few. All the support will go to help us as well seek to reach the areas around us with the message of LOVE found in JESUS CHRIST.

GOD Speaks Thru Dayton Spokes - FREE SHIPPING main photo  FORGIVEN Ministry Support Shirt (FREE SHIPPING)  I'm FORGIVEN (Official Tee) - FREE SHIPPING


UPDATE August 28th, 2013


UPDATE August 26th, 2013

Texas Chapter 3rd Annual Toy Drive, December 7th, 2013


Here it is!! Contains snippet of the project which will feature video testimonies from Tha Heata, FORGIVEN Jesse, Mr. Trinity, Trip C aka Christoper Lang, Sevin, GOD Nation, Gabriel Gamez, Noah Torres and others. The soundtrack will feature orignal tracks by Sevin, Liv'n Proof, H.I.S. = HE is SALVATION, Nate Gicano, Eshon Burgundy, Trip C, Frostbyte, Shai, IV HIS Son, and others are yet to be confirmed with track produced by David Martinez, Jr., Exo, Frostbyte, TJ'd Up, and more. Watch the video and see how you can be part of this project. GOD Bless!!


Our dear brother, retired member, and original member of FORGIVEN MCC, Bobby Cisneros, has gone home to be with our Lord Jesus Christ ,he past away April 7th, 2013. Our condolences go out to his familia and the members of FORGIVEN Ministry who served with Bobby out in California. Please keep his family and friends in prayer.


We would like to help share this information about a precious little boy who is going thru a rough start. We are believing GOD to heal him and to help his family as they endure this test of their faith. Please visit the website (www.jeremiahsheart.com) and ask GOD if/how you should be involved to help them.

Beginning January 1st, 2013, FORGIVEN Ministry - TEXAS will be initializing a LEADERSHIP VIDEO TEACHING series. Anyone who is truly called to be a leader can apprecaite this video below and are encouraged to sign-up and take advantage of this opportunity to grow, just email us at: email@forgivenmcc.org

Updated on December 14th, 2012:

Uploaded a few videos from the TOy Drive and Car Show in Dallas, TX on December 8th, 2012. Go to the FORGIVEN TV page and check out the playlist under the chat box. Has all the latest videos from our YouTube and a couple other videos you will enjoy.

Do you know JESUS CHRIST as LORD of your life?? (If not WATCH THIS VIDEO!!)

July 27th, 2012 - From Danny, The Founder of FORGIVEN Ministry

"As of today FORGIVEN MCC Familia would like to welcome Omar Perez our newest member and President of ~~FORGIVEN MINISTRY CAR CLUB ~~ OLYMPIA WASHINGTON Chapter .Welcome to the FORGIVEN MCC Familia my Brother God Bless you and your Family"

HOG MOB Member, Ceezy aka Chase Malone, is dropping a NEW MIXTAPE entitled, RESURRECTION. FORGIVEN Ministry is happy to help him by posting the link location so others can download in sharing the Gospel through his music.

From Danny, Founder of FORGIVEN Ministry.

"I would like to announce and welcome Frank Chavis our new member and President of our new Northern California FORGIVEN MINISTRY CAR CLUB chapter. To get more info on Frank click here."

Pray about how you can be a blessing to our brother out in Portland Oregon.

As many of you are aware, my wife, Danelle Cotterill was hospitalized in early February 2012,with what we now know as, NMDA Receptor Antibody Encephalitis. This is a rare disease. 1 out of every 2 million a yr get this disease. It is that rare. 

She is still in the hospital, and will be eventually placed into a skilled nursing facility for where she will complete and finish out her recovery. Dr.'s have given us the estimated time line of a year or maybe even longer before Danelle will return to the Danelle she was before she became critically ill. Also it will be that long before she will be able to return home.

We have had MANY people approach us with asking "How can we help? What do you all need?" These are hard questions to ask, as there is SO much that we need. 

We need everything from financial help, prepared meals, rides (as I myself am disabled and am not able to drive), play dates for our daughter Sarah who is 8. Help with landscaping our property, pretty much anything you can think of, we pretty much need it. Gift cards are a BIG help as well. 

If you want to make a financial donation I do have a pay pal account set up. Go to paypal.com and when to send money enter: letters4danelle@gmail.com and you can send financial donations. Also If u wanna do checks, Please make them out to either Danelle Cotterill or my self Ben D. Cotterill solely as we do not have a joint account.

If you want to send cards at all, here is our address:

Ben & Danelle Cotterill 15550 SE Millmain Dr. Portland, OR 97233. 

And I will make sure they are put in her room and that she sees them. 

This is a position, Danelle and I NEVER really thought we would be in. We need prayers, and ALL help we can get. If you have questions, feel free to contact me on here or call / txt me 503 443 8775. 

Thank you again for your help, and prayer, love and support!

Ben D. Cotterill


Happy Anniversary to FORGIVEN MINISTRY CAR CLUB. It was 5 years ago that Forgiven Ministry Car Club was placed in my Heart and a vision to start a ministry car club. With prayers and seeking my LORD JESUS CHRIST for direction, he placed in my heart this ministry, and with HIS Blessing FORGIVEN MINISTRY CAR CLUB became a Reality.

GOD has Blessed this ministry so much, and has open doors to start 2 more FORGIVEN MCC Chapters (Texas and Florida, soon more to come). God is AWESOME and at this time I would like to thank all my brothers and sisters in FORGIVEN MINISTRY CAR CLUB for their faithfulness in CHRIST and in the Ministry.

Thank You much love David (Danny) Martinez

FORGIVEN TV Featured Video

Danny's "FOR GOD'S GLORY" 1979 Lincoln - Check out FORGIVEN TV for more videos like this.

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